Atheist. Agnostic. Humanist. Pastafarian. Bright. Freethinker. Secular. Rationalist. Skeptic. Non-Religious. Questioning.

Whatever label (or lack thereof) you choose to use, we welcome you into the Secular Alliance at the University of Chicago. Maybe you're already an agnostic or atheist, and want to find your fellow non-believers on campus. Maybe you're questioning religion and want to hear a different side. Perhaps you're looking for other critical thinkers. Maybe you're curious about exactly what it means to be "secular", and want to see if you fit the definition. Whatever your reason, we hope you'll find a community here.

Weekly Meetings: Thursdays, 5:45 pm, in the UnCommon Room (basement) of Rockefeller Chapel

Latest Weekly Update: Weekly Update! Elections, Game Night, Ask an Atheist Day! So many wonderful things!

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