Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Update! Elections, Game Night, Ask an Atheist Day! So many wonderful things!

It's third week! That is exciting because we have SO MANY wonderful events coming up!! Read on to find out about all of them!

Meeting Reminder
    You know it's been coming, I've been reminding you about it incessantly, you must be as excited for it as I am...this week's meeting is...Elections!! That's right, our meeting this week, April 18, at 5:45, in the Uncommon Room is going to be an extravaganza of democracy. We are going to vote harder than anyone has voted before. We are going to channel Benjamin Franklin and Aaron Burr. We are going to ensure the continued existence of SA. We are going to eat pizza and ice cream. (Email with dietary restrictions). Doesn't that sound awesome? So come!

    And of course, nominations are still open until elections begin, so feel free to keep nominating. You can check out the current nominees here. Also, recognize that perhaps we need more positions! Poster fairy? Food czar? Webmaster? 

    All non-standard positions will have their existence voted on by the exec, but other than that, you're good to go!

    Upcoming events:
    • Game Night is this Wednesday, April 17, 7pm-10pm, at Jay Feldman's apartment. It's going to be really fun, so come, play games, eat food and have a good time. You can feel free to come late or bring games if you want. Facebook event here.
    • Ask an Atheist Day is this Thursday, April 18. Stop by our table outside of Cobb Hall to pick up candy and stickers, tell other people to come by and ask us any questions about atheism they like, and if you have a half hour at some point, join us at the table! You can sign up for slots here, but also feel free to just show up. Also, support us by saying you're coming on facebook!
    • Kate Donovan of Northwestern University is giving a talk on the myths and misconceptions surrounding schizophrenia this Saturday, April 20. Find more information here and contact me at if you want to go.
    Future Events
    See you all on Thursday!

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