Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fifth Weekly Update: Time Travel, Asking Religious Advisers about Sex, and Defections from the Westboro Baptist Church

Iiiiit's fifth week! How are the midterms going? Everyone staying warm? Ready for Sex Week

We have a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, February 7th, 5:45 pm, in the UnCommon Room! (Remember: down the hall and to the left in the Rockefeller Chapel basement.) We're going to talk about Time Travel.

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Announcements/Upcoming events (Mostly sex week related): 
  • Sex Week is next week! It's going to be a whole amazing week of great events, which you can find out about through the website ( and by signing up for the listhost, which you can do through the website. 
  • There is going to be an event where you get to ask four religious advisors any questions you want about religion and sexuality. Have a challenge? Is there something you always wanted to know? Want to learn about the varieties of religious opinion on sexuality? Want to talk to other students about their experiences with religion and sexuality? This event's for you! 4pm Thursday, February 14.
  • There will be THREE amazing atheist speakers: Greta Christina, talking about Atheism and Sexuality; Cliff Pervocracy, talking about consciousamory, an approach to sex and relationships, and Natalie Reed, talking about fourth wave, or trans-feminism. 
  • My sister, Giuliana Serena, is going to be talking about body-positive approaches to menstruation, for both men and women. It's going to be awesome. Finally, Jay Feldman and I are going to be leading a workshop on what sex ed should look like. 
  • Interested in cool talks about skepticism? Skepticamp is a free event/gathering of skeptics taking place March 2, from 11am to 6pm, at the Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60630 (more information in the facebook group)
See you guys tomorrow!

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