Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7th Week Update! Bruce Lincoln and Pizza!

Seven is a lucky number, which means seventh week must be going awesomely for everyone, right? No? Am I fired from atheism for being superstitious?

Either way, we have a really exciting and important upcoming meeting tomorrow, February 21st, at 5:45, in the Uncommon Room as always. Bruce Lincoln, a professor from the Div School is coming to talk to us, so it's important that we come and give him all our support. Also, we're having pizza!! Check out his website here and wikipedia page here (if someone has a wikipedia page that means they're legit). 

Here's what we know about him:
"Bruce Lincoln emphasizes critical approaches to the study of religion. He is particularly interested in issues of discourse, practice, power, conflict, and the violent reconstruction of social borders. His research tends to focus on the religions of pre-Christian Europe and pre-Islamic Iran, but he has a notoriously short attention span and has also written on a bewildering variety of topics, including Guatemalan curanderismo, Lakota sun dances, Melanesian funerary rituals, Swazi kingship, the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre, Marco Polo, professional wrestling, Persian imperialism, the theology of George W. Bush, and comparative demonology. "

So come with questions, open ears and empty stomachs.

Announcements/Upcoming events: 
  • Bible Study for Atheists Today! 6pm, Hutch. There will be snacks. Study Mark 3 with cool people!
  • A Discussion on Science and FaithFebruary 27th, South Lounge of Reynolds Club at 4pm. Dr. Jennifer Wiseman will be speaking. Dr. Wiseman is an astronomer and Director of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She is the Senior Project Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • Interested in cool talks about skepticism? Skepticamp is a free event/gathering of skeptics taking place March 2, from 11am to 6pm, at the Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60630 (more information in the facebook group)
See you guys tomorrow!

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