Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly Update 2! Ethical politicians (or the lack thereof), whether atheists can be president, and some street preaching: 10/23/12

Weekly email week 4! We're almost halfway through the quarter already!

Meeting ReminderOur next meeting will be Wednesday, October 24, at 6:00 pm in the Spirit Cafe in the basement of Rockefeller chapel. We'll be talking about the ethical obligations of politicians. Is it ok to lie for the greater good of getting a better candidate (yourself, presumably) elected? How much should faith or nonfaith come in to the way politicians present themselves? Is it right to hold politicians to a higher level of morality, like not cheating on spouses or taxes or breaking minor laws? All this and more! Having watched the debates is totally optional. As always, we'll have warm drinks and possibly snacks.

Upcoming Events
  • We had such a great time at Light the Night! Thanks to everyone who came out!
  • This Wednesday, and every Wednesday, there's Spirit Cafe in the Spirit Cafe right before our meeting, from 4:30 to 5:30. This week, they'll be talking about culture. Facebook page here
  • Fishbowl Conversation: Invoking God at election time (or, could we elect a non-believer to high office?) -Rockefeller Event, Thursday, October 25, 8pm, McCormick Tribune Lounge. This looks really interesting!
  • Yesterday (sorry, it's too late for this week) and every Monday, Josh Oxley, Humanist Advisor to Rockefeller Chapel emeritus, runs a discussion involving analyzing scriptural texts from a variety of faith traditions and seeing what all these traditions say about various topics like human rights and personal identity. Noon every Monday in Hutchinson Commons.
  • Carl Sagan Day is coming up! It's on Thursday, November 1, starting at 7pm. RSVP at the facebook event here:
General Announcements
  • Remember to let us know if you'd like to blog for us, or if you already blog about issues related to secularism! 
  • We're going to have another movie night in 6th week, and another 9th week. Are there any movies you'd particularly like to see? Let Emma know!

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