Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Updates 10/23/11

Hello, Secular Students!

By now, you probably all know the drill, so without further ado, here is your SA update for fourth week!

Meeting Reminder 
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 25th, at 6pm in the Uncommon Room, in the basement of Rockefeller Chapel. To find us, come in through the front door of Rockefeller, turn right and go down the stairs. There are signs to the room, which is just down the hallway. We will be having a workshop to see how rational you are, and how to become more rational. We are also giving away our new Secular Alliance t-shirts, if you come to the whole meeting, and, on top of that, there will be homemade sugar and chocolate chip cookies. We hope you'll come out and join us.

  • Church Visit: We have another church visit coming up soon! The next one will take place at the Islamic Center downtown. We will send out more details on that soon, but keep it in mind if you are interested. 
  • IV Debate: This quarter, we are trying to arrange a debate with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship on campus. If you would be interested in debating, or have a topic you'd like to suggest, send us an email at
  • Sagan Day Panel: Another event, still in the works, is a panel for Sagan Day. Carl Sagan, host of Cosmos, author of many great science and skepticism books, wonderful science promoter, and UChicago alumnus, would have turned 77 years old on November 9th. To honor him, the secular clubs of several Chicago universities, including the UChicago SA, are partnering to host a panel and social event on November 12th. Again, we will send out further details as they get solidified. 
  • Skepticon: Skepticon IV, the largest Midwest skeptical conference, will take place November 18th-20th in Springfield, Missouri. At least three members of the exec board are planning to attend, and we'd love to take a group down. If you're interested, let us know at a meeting, or via email at
  • Blogging: I know, we send this out every single email, but it still stands: Are you interested in sharing an article or a video blog on our website? We'd love to have guest bloggers, as well. If you have an article written, you can email it to Or, if you're just interested, but aren't sure what to write or talk about, email us about that too, and we'll help you get started.
    Also, if you run a personal blog about topics related to secularism, let us know, and we may feature it on the website as well. 
Links you should Follow 

That’s all for this installment. In conclusion, this week’s quote is from Winston Churchill:
"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." 

Hope to see you on Tuesday!
~The UChicago Secular Student Alliance~

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