Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Updates 10/16/11

Hello, Secular Students!

Here's your third weekly bulletin of the year:

Meeting Reminder:

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 18th at 6 pm in the Uncommon Room of Rockefeller Chapel. After the hectic and awesome nature of our last two meetings, we thought it would be nice for us all to hang out and get to know each other better. So we're going to share our stories, how we came to identify how we do, and then talk in small groups about labels and identities and what atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, humanism, freethinker and other categories mean or should mean. It'll be fun and relaxed, so come on out.


  • Skeptics Under the Stars: Women Thinking Free, a local Chicago skeptic organization, is hosting a FREE star party camping trip in Wisconsin. If you love hanging out with skeptics, astronomy, or just looking at stars, you should check out the event here or on facebook here. Ok, it's not actually free, but they have enough grants to send at least one or two people for free, and enough supplies and carpooling to get you all set up. Email if you're interested.  
  • Media Person: Do you enjoy photography and video making? Do you want to help promote the Secular Alliance? We're still looking for a student to take photographs and videos of our events and meetings. If you are interested, email, and we'll get you more information. 
  • Blogging: Are you interested in sharing an article or a video blog on our website? We'd love to have guest bloggers as well. If you have an article written, you can email it to Or, if you're just interested, but aren't sure what to write or talk about, email us about that too, and we'll help you get started.
    Also, if you run a personal blog about topics related to secularism, let us know, and we may feature it on the website as well.
From Last Week:

Serah Blain, of the Secular Coalition for Arizona, came to talk to us. She gave a great talk on secular activism, politics and lobbying. The video of her talk and the Q&A, along with a transcript of the main part of the talk, is available at the UC Secular Blog here, so if you couldn't make it, go check it out.

Links You Should Follow

  • There are a lot of important links in the description box of the YouTube video of Serah's talk, for those of you interested in how the nonreligious get political power and representation.
  • Last week we briefly discussed this post, written by SSA Communications Director Jesse Galef about the importance of being strategic and effective when we communicate. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
  • Skepticon is coming up! It's the largest Midwestern secular conference, and it's absolutely free. In all likelihood, at least three members of the club will be going, so if you're interested, go to and let us know by email.
  • Richard Dawkins has a new book out for children called the Magic of Reality about the wonder of the world and the awesomeness of science. Here he tries to explain it to Bill O'Reilly. It doesn't go well.

That’s all for this week. We finish with our Quote of the Week:
“My opinion of mankind is founded upon the mournful fact that, so far as I can see, they find within themselves the means of believing in a thousand times as much as there is to believe in, judging by experience.” — Augustus De Morgan
Hope to see you soon!

~The UChicago Secular Student Alliance~
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