Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul talked for 12 hours, so we can definitely hang out for 1: Weekly Update!

Did you all watch Rand Paul? I didn't, but I hear he put on quite a show. Also, we got this website out of it:

I'm sorry for sending this email out so late, but we absolutely do still have a meeting tomorrow/today, March 7, at 5:45, in the Uncommon Room as always. Johnny Antos is going to lead a great conversation about how parents, friends and others might not react particularly well to us telling them that we don't believe in god anymore. How should people come out? What's a reasonable parental reaction? Is there anything to which you would respond badly if your children told you about it? All kinds of interesting questions. 

Announcements/Upcoming events:
  • Study Break Next Week! Instead of our normal meeting, we're going to be screening two god/religion related episodes of Star Trek and eating pizza on Wednesday, March 13 at 6pm in Harper 151. Facebook page here.

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