Thursday, May 10, 2012

Current Secular Alliance Nominations

President: Chana Messinger, Brian Green
Vice President: Liam Heins, Alicia Beirstedt, Brian Green
Secretary: Emma Goehler, Liam Heins, Alicia Bierstedt
Treasurer: Jay Feldman, Brian Green

PR:  Anastiasia Klimchynskaya, Liam Heins
Exec: Jay Feldman, Emma Goehler

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SA Elections 2012

Democracy is yay!

1. We are adding two new positions to the exec board. The possible positions (with general and mutable job descriptions) are now:
 - President: Runs exec meetings, delegates, default for running meetings, is ultimately responsible for all administrative and budgetary functions (i.e. buck stops there), keeps in contact with national SSA and other SSA's around Chicago
 - Vice President: Takes over any presidential job if they cannot. Their role is mostly coordinated with the president, but they should be the point person on event coordination, especially regarding volunteer opportunities.
 - Secretary: Takes notes during exec meetings and possibly meetings, sends weekly emails, maintains our internet presence through facebook and twitter
 - Treasurer: Works with ORCSA, helps plan budget, in charge of reimbursements
 - PR director: Makes and distributes flyers, point person for talking to other groups, though this is negotiated with president and vice president
 - Exec at large (x2): In charge of recruitment (this means going to RSO fairs, talking about SA at house meetings, potentially going to similar groups to talk about SA), distribution of flyers, makes facebook events, gets to come up with a better name for their position than exec at large
 - All exec board members are responsible for helping suggest meeting and event ideas, keeping the facebook group and twitter account active, contributing to the blog, trying to grow SA, trying to understand what the groups want, and showing up to (almost) all exec and normal meetings.

2. Logistics:
 - By 7:30pm today, I will write an email to every person who has been nominated for a position (one email per position) that will ask if you want to accept the nomination. You will have by 10:30 tomorrow morning to respond. It's an opt-out system, so if you don't respond, I'll assume you accept. If you show up day of, you can also decline then.
 - Tomorrow, some point after 10:30am, I will make a google doc with all the nominations, which I will make public. Please keep all discussion about the nominees private.
 - You can then continue nominating people until Friday at 11:59pm. You can nominate people from now continuously until then. You can nominate someone today, before 7:30pm, so they get an email. You can nominate yourself or others for multiple positions, but take it seriously. 
 - Then nominations will be closed until the day of the elections, May 15th. If you arrive on time (6pm) and declare your nomination upon arrival, you can nominate yourself or someone else that day, as well.
 - To be eligible to vote, you must have come to at least one meeting before this election. To be eligible for office, you must have been to at least two.
 - To vote, you must be present at the meeting. 
 - To run, you must be present at the meeting. If you have an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from being at the meeting, you must email me by midnight tomorrow (Thursday). If you wish to run for office, you can be on skype, or you can submit a short (<300 words) speech that will be read aloud on your behalf. 

3. Everything else will be explained at the meeting. Feel free to email me with questions. I will not tell you early who is running for what. Everyone who is running for something should be prepared to give a short speech.