Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly Update 4: Hang outs, relief from the outside world, and Darwin! 11/5/12

It's sixth week! The election's tomorrow! Ahhhhhhh! Everybody go vote, for real, or the god Athe will be very disappointed in you. Here's a relevant xkcd

Meeting ReminderIn the midst of all the madness, we the exec thought it would be nice to have a low-key, hangout meeting. No meaty topics, no discussions of the distant future, no ethics. Unless that's what you all want, of course. But on Wednesday, November 7th, at 6pm in the Spirit Cafe, in the basement of Rockefeller Chapel it's going to be your chance to have warm drinks and cookies, distract yourselves from papers and midterms, and have some relaxed conversations. Let's all get to know each other!

Upcoming Events
  • Movie night this Thursday! 6:30 pm. Cobb 402. It's about evolution and Darwin and science! Also there's a free pizza dinner. Join us and invite your friends! Facebook event here:https://www.facebook.com/events/446441725404040/
  • Hemant Mehta is coming to talk about critical thinking, education and mathematics onDecember 5th! Time and location currently TBD
Hope you all have a wonderful week and that we see you on Wednesday!

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