Sunday, April 15, 2012

Awesome Things

Hey all!

So as I'm sure you know, Ask an Atheist Day is this Thursday (info here). I'll be passing out some stickers at the meeting on Tuesday (Uncommon Room, Rockefeller Chapel, 6pm), and if you want to table, sign up here. But we need baked goods to pass out to passersby so we can prove we're good people (as if that were ever in doubt). So we're having a baking party (science themed cookies, anyone?) at 5:30 pm tomorrow! RSVP here: It's going to be really fun, relaxed and full of butter and sugar, as all good things are.

Also, if you care to wake up before noon tomorrow, our very own Josh Oxley is giving a sermon tomorrow at the Unitarian Church at 10:00 am called "Between Godly and Godless." If you want to just say hi but not go to the service, show up around 11:00 am for the coffee hour. If you have any questions about protocol or anything else, shoot him an email at Go out and support him!

And remember to send me election nominations. Nominate yourself! Take a leadership role! It's awesome. And you can talk to anyone on the board at any time about their experiences. Just shoot us an email at

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