Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Atheism: Questions and Answers

So SA got a bunch of emails from an English class in Chicago asking us about our religious beliefs. Apparently they’re doing some kind of project on religion, so Mike Mei and I gave them our answers on the condition that I could post them. Here they are; I’d love to know what you think! (Note: Yes, there is some overlap, which I warned them about, and yes they are fairly short. Whatever.) If you have other questions you want us to ask about atheist (or in my case, Jewish atheist) identity, please ask in comments! Similarly if you disagree with any of our answers. 

Click read more to see the questions and answers.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Updates 11/6/11

Hello, Secular Students!

Happy November! Here's your sixth week update for the Secular Alliance!

Meeting Reminder


That's right, our next meeting is devoted to science, specifically the science of bubbles. If you have ever wanted to know the answers to these questions:

  • What exactly is a bubble, anyway?
  • Can there be a bubble inside a bubble?
  • Can there be a square bubble?
  • What about an anti-bubble (a bubble that is a spherical layer of air with water on the outside and inside)?
Then this meeting is for you. We're back in our usual location, in the Uncommon Room, in the basement of Rockefeller Chapel, at the usual time of 6 pm, on Tuesday November 8th.